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Listen, Twitterico! We are creating a T-shirt collection in collaboration with TeeRico called #TwittericoCares – and we’re searching for artists who would like to participate!

The main idea:

We are tackling three global issues – Reproductive Rights, Climate Crisis, and Gun Violence. We are starting with 3 T-shirt designs. You must include one or more of these issues in your design--it's your choice! Let your artistic minds go to work!


The #TwittericoCares proceeds will go to an organization that supports the issue. Together, the TwittericoDBSDay committee and TeeRico will decide on the organization to support with the collection.


All of you can submit your designs through the form below. After the deadline has passed, all submissions will be reviewed by the TwittericoDBSDay committee. The most outstanding ones will be submitted to TeeRico for final selection . As soon as the official decision on three designs is made, we’ll make a huge announcement!

  • Submit through our website by September 1, 2022

  • Submissions must be a .png or .jpg (if using a mobile for uploading, please use Chrome)

  • The design must include #TwittericoCares + your artist signature

  • Do not use copyright material, licensed items, lyric*likes and/or images that are from Lin-Manuel’s creations – for more specific information on that click here.

  • You can take a character and reimage them into your own.

  • If chosen, the designs will be requested in high quality and resolution.

Thanks to all the artists who submitted their designs!
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