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Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling

From the early stages of planning Twitterico DBS Day, our goal was to make this event more than just a celebration. We want this gathering to have a positive impact on the local community that The Drama Book Shop  serves. So the planning committee decided to connect with a local organization, particularly one whose focus is close to the hearts of the Mirandas and close to our hearts as well. What better focus than children and the arts!

With help from some special people close to the community, we discovered an incredible place located near Washington Heights -- Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling. Upon learning more about the museum and its powerful impact on children and the arts in the community, we knew this was the organization we hoped to engage with and support.
Sugar Hill Childrens Museum
We are excited to share that proceeds from the sales of our Twitterico DBS Day 2022 T-shirts will benefit Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling! In addition, those gathering in NYC for Twitterico DBS Day will have the opportunity to visit Sugar Hill Children's Museum as a group. We will learn more about their mission and connect with them in the spirit of global citizenship. Hopefully, we'll even hear directly from youth who have participated in the museum's programs. We are grateful to the museum for these wonderful opportunities.

We will be sharing more about the work of Sugar Hill Children's Museum, but you can also visit for more information. We are so pleased and honored to connect with this amazing organization which provides a vital service to the local community and beyond!
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